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Thursday, February 9, 2017

I’ve been making updates around the house over the past couple of months. None of them are big enough to justify a full post, so I decided to capture them all here today:

I’m so bad about updating the chalkboard in the living room. I had “the best is yet to be” on the board all year last year until I updated it for fall and then Christmas. I know I’ll probably never update it for each season and holiday, so I picked a simple message that I can keep up for as long as possible. 

One of my friends got me this sign for Christmas. It says, “Dogs Welcome. People Tolerated.” When I told my mom about the sign, she said that she almost bought something similar for me for Christmas too. 

I finally bought new lamps for the master bedroom. I liked the old ones, but they did not look good with the rest of the room. Can you believe these are from Wal-Mart? They are the Better Homes & Gardens Ceramic Table Lamp in
Soft Blue. The color is more of a gray-blue and it goes perfect with my curtains. 

As I mentioned in my January comparison post, I got new curtains for the living room. I love the texture and weight of these compared to what I previously had. I just wish they came in a longer size so I wouldn’t have to use the clips. I also took out the bottom hem to add extra length. I think they are still a smidge too short, but it’s not that noticeable (in my opinion). I could just lower the rod, but I really don’t want to mess with it…

I also updated the art in the dining room. I used to have a cup rack and my ironstone tea cup collection hanging on this wall, but it was starting to feel too old lady. I switched it out for this picture from HomeGoods. I’ve actually had this up for probably 6+ months and I’m still not sick of it, so we’ll call this update a success! 

So those are the main changes around the house over the past couple of months. I’ve been feeling more inspired lately, so hopefully I’ll have a lot more house-related posts this year than last year.


  1. It looks so good! I love the curtains and the lamp! I don't think you really even notice the clips. I would not worry about lowering the rod at all - doesn't seem worth the hassle!

    1. I'm so happy to hear that! I really don't want to mess with re-hanging the curtain rod for only like half an inch...

  2. Little changes matter, and I think all the changes so far, are definitely good!

  3. Everything is super cute! Random did you hang your old window? I have one that I want to hang but it's SO heavy and I don't want it to fall off the wall haha.

    1. I used heavy duty D-rings on both ends and then anchor screws in the wall. My window isn't that heavy, so I've had no problems with it falling or looking unstable.


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